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Chemical Indicators

Sterilization process indicators are self-adhesive labels that distinguish treated products from untreated products. They are mainly used in the sterilization of medical and pharmaceutical products, packaging materials and for cross-linking of polymers and decontamination of herbs and spices.
The indicators can be supplied as single dots, squares or other shapes They can be printed or applied to larger labels that are preprinted or customized with text or company logo.
Etigam’s sterilization process indicators are manufactured as throughput process indicators to be used in the various sterilization processes like irradiation, ethylene oxide or steam sterilization.

Biological Indicators

iological indicators are used to monitor most common sterilization processes. The indicators can be supplied as strips, suspensions or self-contained. The incubation time depends on the type of indicator. Strips and suspensions need to be incubated for 7 days, self-contained indicators for 24/48 hours.
Etigam also provides the appropriate incubators for self-contained indicators.

Both chemical and biological indicators can be used in the following sterilization processes:


Ethylene Oxide

Ethylene Oxide


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