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Irradiation Indicators

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Our Chemical and Biological Indicators

Our Chemical Indicators and Biological Indicators

Chemical Irradiation Indicators
Chemical irradiation
indicators can be used in gamma, e-beam and x-ray sterilization processes. They are radiation sensitive labels which show a significant colour change from yellow (unexposed) to red (exposed: dosage range >10 kGy), when exposed to gamma, e-beam or x-ray radiation. A more sensitive indicator shows a significant colour change from green (unexposed) to violet (exposed: dosage range > 6 kGy). Chemical irradiation indicators are meant to be used on individual items that need to be sterilized. The indicators can be supplied as single dots, squares or other shapes They can be printed or applied to larger labels that are preprinted or customized with text or company logo.

Chemical Indicators Irrad

Chemical Indicators Irrad

Biological Irradiation Indicators
Biological irradiation indicators are carriers (strips or suspensions) with spores of bacillus pumilus, as a challenge to the sterilization process. They are used for validation and routine monitoring to demonstrate the efficacy of the sterilization cycles.
The indicator is exposed to the process and then incubated under defined growth conditions to determine whether any spores survived the process. If no spores survive, none grow and the cycle is a pass. If growth is detected, it is a fail. All Etigam biological indicators rely on true and full microbial growth. A dedicated reader is not required, the result can be visually verified (by colour-change or turbidity).

Biological Indicators Irrad

Biological Indicators Irrad

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